Can I make payments using the Woolworths Money App?

Yes, you can access all payments functions by choosing the following:

Via the radial :

●      Tap the “Home” icon and select the ‘Pay Bill’ option.

Via the Credit Card account:

●      Select the account you wish to pay from;

●      On the “Account” screen you can select ‘Pay Bill’ option;

●      Select ‘Pay To’ option  to select an existing biller from your ‘Address Book’;

●      Enter the amount you wish to pay, and then select ‘Process Payment’;

●      Confirm the payment and a receipt will be issued if the payment is successful. 

How to make a payment: 

Step 1

Press home

Step 2

Press ‘Pay Bill'

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Select account to pay from

Step 6

Add an amount

Step 7

Click ‘Process Payment'

Step 8

Review payment and press ‘Confirm'

Step 9

How do I set up a new biller?

To set up and save a new biller:

●      Select ‘Pay Bill’ option;

●      Select ‘Pay To’;

●      Select the ‘+’ option (at the bottom).

Can I set up future dated transactions and recurring payments via the Woolworths Money App?

No, you cannot set up future dated and recurring payments from the Woolworth Money app.

Can I use any of my cards to Tap & Pay via the Woolworths Money App?

At this stage you cannot use this feature via the app. We will let you know once this feature is available. 

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